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Pet Vaccination FAQ

The Importance of Vaccination Your Pet

Taking good care of pets is more than just showing them unconditional love. You must provide them with the medical care that they need to stay healthy. Vaccines are designed to help prevent diseases from affecting your pets. Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic in Johnson City, TN has some information that will encourage you to bring your pets to us to properly receive their vaccinations.

What Are Vaccines For?

As mentioned previously, vaccines are designed to help prevent diseases from afflicting your pet. They contain a weakened strain of a specific virus that will be introduced to your pet's immune system. Once the weakened strain has been fought off, the body can recognize it and have a better chance of fighting it in the future by preparing for it.

When to Vaccinate Your Pets

There are different times in your cat and dog's life that you should get them vaccinated. Here is a list of ample times to give them the vaccines that they need.

  • Puppies and kittens should be vaccinated starting at six to eight weeks of age.
  • Adult dogs and cats should receive their vaccinations annually or every three years according to your veterinary professional.

Why It Is Important to Vaccinate at Different Life Stages

One of the most commonly asked questions is why your pets should be vaccinated at different stages in their lives. Puppies and kittens are more susceptible to deadly diseases at a young age since their immune systems have not fully developed. They need the help of vaccines to fight off the potential infection of these diseases. When your pet matures into an adult, their immune systems are much stronger and only require annual vaccinations to prevent the development of diseases.

Vaccines That We Offer

Here is a list of core vaccines that we offer at our clinic:

  • Cats may receive rabies, calicivirus, panleukopenia, and feline herpesvirus type 1 vaccinations.
  • Dogs may receive rabies, canine distemper, canine hepatitis, and parvovirus vaccinations.

How a Veterinarian Can Help Guide You in Choosing the Right Vaccines

Following an examination, your vet will be able to suggest the necessary vaccinations your pet made need, along with any other treatment. It is important that your pets regularly see a veterinarian to receive whatever treatments that they need to stay healthy. Your vet has the expertise to provide the right recommendations that will keep your pets living healthy and longer.

We're Here for Your Pets

Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic in Johnson City, TN is here to help your pets if they need vaccinations. The high quality care we provide is here for your pets when they need it most. Give us a call at (423) 926-6091 today to schedule an appointment.

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