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Signs your Pet has Allergies

Pet Allergies

If you suspect your dog or cat is suffering from a dermatology problem, getting help from our veterinarian is the best way to obtain treatment. Contact Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic in Johnson City at the first signs of skin irritation or a rash upon your pet's body. Here is some information about pet allergies and how our veterinarian can treat this type of situation if needed.

Skin Irritation and Rashes

If your pet has skin irritation, it is likely they are suffering from extreme itchiness, dryness of the skin, or red bumps on the body. These are usually noticeable and will require treatment to heal any infected areas properly. In addition, your pet may experience hair loss in affected areas. Make it a priority to check over your pet's skin on a routine basis, especially if you noticed them scratching or biting at their fur.

Signs Your Pet May Have an Allergy

The most common sign of a skin allergy is physical lesions or bumps upon the body. If your pet has long fur, these might not be noticeable unless you part the hair and check the skin. If your pet has red areas, if fleas or ticks are seen crawling through the fur, or if your pet is biting at their fur or scratching at their body, an allergic reaction may be the reason.

How Our Veterinarian Can Help

Since pets can suffer from skin allergies as people do, it is important to get treatment for this type of ailment so your dog or cat does not suffer needlessly. Our veterinarian will do an evaluation of the condition of your pet's skin to determine what is causing discomfort to occur. Your pet may require medication to clear up affected areas so healing happens quickly. In addition, our vet will recommend lifestyle changes so triggers can be avoided.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

If your pet requires a dermatology check, give Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic in Johnson City a call to make an appointment with our veterinarian staff. Our vet will treat rash or skin irritation appropriately. Call us at (423) 926-6091.

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