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Importance of Pet Dental for My Pet

Caring for a pet's teeth is an important process that will keep them in the best of health. If you need help with dog or cat teeth cleaning, contact Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic to make an appointment with our veterinarian in Johnson City. Here is some information about pet dental care and why seeing our veterinary dentists are helpful throughout a pet's life.

Cleaning Helps Battle Possible Conditions

Your pet requires frequent teeth cleaning sessions to help battle bacteria in their mouth. If you fail to conduct a cat or dog teeth cleaning schedule, a layer of plaque is likely to adhere to their teeth. This will turn into tartar, which is known to cause gingivitis and periodontal disease in time. These conditions lead to pain in the mouth and a possible loss of teeth for your pet.

How to Clean Your Pet's Teeth

Purchase a cat or dog teeth cleaning brush and paste to remove bacteria and food particles from your pet's teeth. Your pet may find the process annoying at first. Simply try to clean one or two teeth and increase the number during the next session. Gently brush the paste over the teeth. Pet dental wipes also work at removing bacteria from a cat or dog's teeth.

Contact Our Veterinary Dentist for Help

If you are unable to clean your pet's teeth successfully, our veterinary dentist will do the job for you. Bring your pet in for a well-visit and our practitioner will check over their teeth in detail and clean them as needed as a portion of the appointment. 

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Contact Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian in Johnson City today for your pet's dental care needs. Our vet is reachable by calling us at 423-926-6091.

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