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Laser Therapy for Pets

If your pet has a chronic condition causing pain, or has recently suffered an injury, cold laser therapy may be a great choice to help your cat or dog heal faster.  This laser therapy is completely safe and has seen remarkable results in animals.  Below, let's take a closer look at laser therapy for pets.

What is Cold Laser Therapy

Often referred to as low-level laser therapy, this therapy is used to help generate tissue growth.  A very low level laser is shined on areas of the body that have been injured or cut as a result of surgery.  The laser helps to generate cell growth, deep within the tissues.  A good way to think of laser therapy is to compare it to photosynthesis in plants.  The sun shines on the leaves, prompting the leaves to generate food for the tree or plant to eat. The same concept is applied to laser treatments with the difference being the laser is generating the growth of tissues.

How Can Laser Therapy Help?

There are many injuries a laser can help with.  If your cat or dog has recently received surgery they are a good candidate for cold laser therapy.  The laser will be applied to the area of the incision to help stimulate the tissues to grow and heal faster.  Laser therapy also works well to treat chronic conditions such as arthritis.  The laser helps to restore movement to otherwise stiff and painful joints.  Further, laser therapy has been successful in treating various sprains and strains in animals. Because of the quick tissue regeneration, cats and dogs are able to get back on their feet faster with the assistance of cold laser therapy.

At Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic our veterinarian team is passionate about caring for animals.  If your pet has suffered an injury or has a chronic condition causing pain cold laser therapy may be the right choice for you.  Our office is conveniently located at 1264 Milligan Hwy., Johnson City, TN 37601 and proudly serves the residents of Elizabethton. To learn more about what we can offer or to set up an appointment, call us today at (423) 926-6091.

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