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Is Your House Pet Friendly?

Is Your House Pet Friendly?

If you intend on getting a new pet, their well-being under your care is of the utmost of importance. One step in caring for your new animal is to contact Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic to make an appointment with our veterinarian for a well-visit. Our clinic services the Johnson City and Elizabethton areas. In addition to routine veterinary care, your pet requires a few actions so that they remain safe at your home. Here are some tips to help keep your abode as safe as possible for your pet.

Get Down To Your Pet's Level

Remove potential hazards from your living space so your pet does not sustain an injury. Items with sharp edges, chemical agents, and items that could be swallowed all need to be taken out of your pet's frequented areas. Get on all fours and observe the areas that your pet uses to walk throughout your home so you have a view of the items they see daily. This will help you pinpoint items that need to be taken out of their access.

Devise A Plan When Dealing With The Outdoors

If you have a dog, you are undoubtedly going to want to spend some time with them outdoors so that they can go to the bathroom and get exercise. Always use a leash if you are going to spend time in an area without barriers. If your dog is going to spend time on your property, a fence is required to keep them from wandering out of view. If you are going to allow your cat to go outdoors, make sure they have a collar with your phone number printed upon it in case they stray away from home. It is better to supervise your cat outdoors if possible.

Make Appointments For Routine Well-Visits

Call Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic if you live in the Johnson City or Elizabethton areas to make an appointment for a well-visit for your pet with our veterinarian. Routine veterinary care at our animal hospital will help to keep your pet healthy. Call our practice today at (423) 926-6091!

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