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The Importance of Regular Pet Dental Care

Veterinarian teaching pet owner how to brush dogs teeth

Pet Dental Care with our Johnson City Veterinarian

As a pet owner, you’re likely familiar with the importance of getting your pet routine checkups from our veterinarian in Johnson City. What you may not realize, though, is that having your pet’s teeth checked is just as important when it comes to their quality of life and overall well-being. Professional dog and cat teeth cleaning helps prevent certain conditions from developing, and it also allows the dentist to check for signs of other health issues that may not be causing noticeable symptoms yet.

What We Look for During Dog Teeth Cleaning

During a cat or dog teeth cleaning session, we will begin by examining your pet’s mouth while they’re awake to get a general sense of their overall oral health. A more thorough cat or dog teeth cleaning requires anesthesia, so we will perform routine blood tests on your pet to make sure the anesthesia will be safe for them before administering it.

Once your pet is under anesthesia, our dentist will thoroughly clean their teeth while simultaneously checking for any signs of broken, infected or rotten teeth that need to be extracted. We’ll also examine your pet’s gums for signs of periodontal disease, which is quite common in both dogs and cats, particularly later in life. Other conditions we screen for include tumors, broken or fractured jaws, and abscesses.

Comprehensive Pet Dental Care from Our Veterinarian in Johnson City

Having your pet’s teeth checked regularly by our veterinarian in Johnson City can help keep them healthy by eliminating things like discomfort when eating, bad breath, and more. It also allows us to treat things like infections in their mouth that, over time, can spread and begin to affect other parts of their body.

Even if your pet hasn’t had a routine dental checkup for a long time, it’s never too late to start. Especially if you’re concerned about a change in your pet’s eating habits, or you’ve noticed that their breath is particularly bad, it’s a good idea to bring them in right away. Even without the presence of troublesome symptoms, though, your pet may be suffering and unable to communicate it to you, so the best way to know for sure if they need dental treatment is to schedule a checkup.

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