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Why is My Pet Itching?

Dog getting skin examined

Dog and Cat Skin Care at Our Johnson City and Elizabethton Veterinarians

Poor pet skin care can lead to skin diseases. Skin diseases can be a source of lots of pain and discomfort for your dog or cat. It is easy to miss early signs especially because our pets can't speak to us. However, if you know what to look out for, you can save your pet a lot of pain by getting the disease diagnosed early and treated as soon as possible. Good thing our Johnson City veterinarian together with our Elizabethton veterinarian are perfect for the job.

Common Dog and Cat Skin Disorders

The most common issues that veterinarians deal with when it comes to dog and cat skin disorders include itchy skin, masses and swellings, sores on face and ears, hair loss, flaky skin, and allergies. These come in many different variations, so they should be evaluated and diagnosed by a veterinarian.

What Causes These Skin Diseases?

Skin disorders in dogs and cats can be caused by anything from food allergies, fleas, environmental allergens like pollen, mites, poor nutrition, or even underlying diseases such as cancer. This large number of causative agents makes it almost impossible to tell what is really going on with your furry friend, which is why you need to rush to our Johnson City or Elizabethton veterinarian immediately you notice that something is amiss.

Treatments For These Skin Conditions

If your pet is battling with any of these skin disorders, you should consult your veterinarian as soon as possible. Qualified veterinarians, such as Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic, will advise you on what to do if you want to ease your pet's pain or even cure the disease completely. Besides prescribing the appropriate medication, you will also be shown proper skin care regimens that will help make sure your pet stays healthy and happy.

Contact Our Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic in Johnson City, TN!

Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic is here to help your favorite pet thrive. Our unmatched skin care services will guarantee your pet gets the best quality of care, making sure your furry friend is as healthy as ever. If your pet is struggling with a skin condition, stop worrying. Talk to us today and both of you will be feeling a whole lot better in no time.

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