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Pet Dental Care from our Johnson City Veterinarian

Veterinarian brushing dogs teethRecognizing an obvious external health challenge in your pet is a lot easier than knowing what's going on inside your pet's mouth. Oral diseases, tooth damage, and other dental issues can set up serious obstacles to your pet's health, comfort, and chewing function. Just as you would consult a dentist for your own dental treatment and preventative care, your pet can benefit from the dental services offered by your veterinarian in Johnson City, Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic.

Common Dental and Oral Problems in Pets

Your pet's teeth and oral tissues are vulnerable to a variety of threats throughout his life. The mere fact that animals tend to use their teeth for lifting and carrying things as well as eating raises the risk of painful chips, cracks or breakage. This damage can permit infectious bacteria to enter the tooth and jawbone, leading to abscesses that make eating all but impossible.

Pet dental problems may also be subtle in nature. Oral cancer, for instance, may not be evident to pet owners until this deadly disease has reached a highly advanced stage. But the most common dental challenge is periodontal disease. This inflammation of gum tissue, a reaction to bacteria feeding on tartar deposits, can cause pain, bleeding gums, and eventual tooth loss. Most adult pets show some degree of periodontal disease, especially as they age.

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning, Exams, and Treatment

Any of the veterinarian at Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic can provide professional cat and dog teeth cleaning, exams, and treatment for your beloved pet. Most grownup pets require annual dental exams to look for oral cancer, periodontal disease, tooth damage and other worrying issues. (Geriatric pets, and pets at elevated risk of disease, may need at least two visits per year.) Your pet dentist will also deep-clean the teeth under anesthesia, scraping away the tartar that encourages periodontal disease. 

If your pet does display a dental problem, don't panic. We can recommend and administer treatments to deal with the problem, from extraction of a diseased tooth to surgery and other options for treating oral cancer.  We're also happy to advise you on how to recognize signs of dental trouble and help keep your pet's mouth healthy between scheduled exams.

Schedule a Dog or Cat Teeth Cleaning and an Evaluation Today

Your pet's mouth is just as critical to his health as any of his other physical systems, so give it the same attention you would want your own mouth to receive. Call (423) 926-6091 to schedule a dog or cat teeth cleaning and evaluation at Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic!

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