Pet Microchipping

Nobody wants to lose their best friend — and yet that’s exactly what happens to many pet owners when their beloved animals run away, get lost, or become separated from their neighborhoods in a disaster. You may feel relieved that your pet has a collar ID tag — but what would happen if that tag went missing as well? If you want to give your pet the best possible chance of returning to his home and family, then you need to look into our dog and cat microchipping services here at Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic.

How Pet Microchipping Helps You Find Your Pet

Pet Microchipping in Johnson City, TNFound is better than lost. No one wants to discover that their pet, their family member, is missing. It can happen quickly and unexpectedly’ Sometimes a pet will dash out the door or escape from the protection of a fenced-in yard’ unfortunately, sometimes a pet might even be stolen. Pet microchipping is one way to help reconnect a pet with its owner.

A microchip is a safe, small technological device which has a one-of-a-kind identification number coded as data in the micro-circuitry of the chip. It is smaller than a grain of rice. The id number can then be registered with a national database. The microchip will function for over 25 years and does not require surgery to be implanted. A larger gauge needle is used to insert the chip under the skin between the shoulder blades. An RFID scanner can then be used to read the number and identify an owner. Shelters and veterinary clinics are equipped to scan pets for a microchip. Once the id number is determined, the information leads to contact information for a registered owner. Microchips are not currently designed to locate a pet geographically.

Schedule a Pet Microchipping Appointment With Us

Microchips can be inserted during a routine physical examination. If you pet already had an examination this year, you can have one of the animal assistants at the clinic insert the microchip without an exam. we also will use the time a pet may be under anesthesia for a Spay, a neuter, or a dental cleaning for this procedure.

If you have questions about microchips, please ask us at your next visit or call the clinic.

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