Veterinary Ultrasound

Thanks to advances in technology, digital ultrasound has become an accurate and non-invasive way to create detailed images in real-time for veterinary diagnosis. Digital ultrasound uses frequency sound waves to create moving images of what lies beneath. In addition to X-rays, we use digital ultrasound at our Johnson City veterinarian, Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic, to produce images of the things we otherwise cannot see, such as organs, tumors, and fetuses.

Benefits of Veterinary Ultrasound

Veterinary Ultrasound in Johnson City, TNOne of the biggest benefits of pet ultrasound is that it creates a more comprehensive picture of the problem. For example, while an X-ray can only capture a still photograph of an organ, digital ultrasound shows not only the organ but also how it is functioning in real-time. The technology allows us to see blood flow and differentiate fluid, soft tissue masses and other foreign bodies. With ultrasound, we can track the function of organs, including the spleen, kidneys, gall bladder, liver, thyroid, heart, and the digestive tract. The images allow us to evaluate the size, shape, position, tissue density and internal structure of the organs. We can also use ultrasound to evaluate tumors and diagnose pregnancy. These images can be replayed at a later time to compare changes in the body, or to be viewed by a specialist.

Safe and Painless

Another benefit is that pet ultrasound is safe and painless – most pets require no sedation. To acquire the images, our staff simply holds the animal in place while a wand is placed over the area of the body in question. Of course, if you have an especially nervous pet, light sedation may be required to keep the animal still.

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At Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic, our state-of-the-art animal hospital is equipped with the latest high-tech tools. In addition to veterinary ultrasound, we offer digital X-rays, an in-house lab for bloodwork, CO2 laser for minimally invasive surgery, Class IV laser therapy for pain management and much more. We combine technology with a personal touch for the finest in veterinary care. Call us today for an appointment with our veterinarian in Johnson City: (423) 926-6091.

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