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Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic Services

Is your animal in need of veterinary care? Our team at Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic in Johnson City and Elizabethton are here to help you and your pet out. Below are the services we offer to make sure your pet gets the best care possible.

Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic Services

Veterinarian Services

Here are the services we offer to get your pet back to their healthy and happy self.

Wellness Exams-We recommend bringing your animal in for a wellness exam at least once a year. We will go over your pet's health history, do a physical exam, and more to catch and prevent any illnesses that may occur. 

Microchipping-Microchipping plays an important role in successfully finding lost or runaway pets. Get peace of mind about the whereabouts of your pet by getting them microchipped.

Spay and Neuter-A veterinarian can spay or neuter your pet to prevent additional animals and undesirable behaviors to enter your home. 

Vaccinations-Vaccinations are so important in the prevention of diseases and the spread of diseases in pets. We will be happy to recommend vaccinations during your cat or dog's wellness exam.

Behavioral Medicine-Animals can develop behavioral issues for a variety of reasons. Medical issues, anxiety, and the absence of training can all contribute to bad behaviors. Our hospital staff can go over options to improve the behavior of your animals. 

Surgery-If your cat or dog needs surgery, we are happy to provide this service as well. We can perform many surgeries, such as oral surgery, orthopedic surgery, neuter or spay surgery, as well as emergency surgeries.

Laser Therapy-Laser therapy is a noninvasive form of surgery we can perform to prevent and cure certain conditions. The CO2 laser uses an infrared beam to focus directly on the problem area, reducing pain and discomfort. Class IV laser therapy uses a cold laser to reduce pain and speed up the recovery process. 

Dental Care-Oral health is another important part of your pet's health and welfare. Getting your animal's teeth regularly checked and cleaned can prevent oral and other health issues from occurring. We can also treat oral health issues once they are spotted this way.

Pharmacy Services-We also offer pharmacy services at our facility for your convenience. Once our veterinarian makes a prescription, you can get it filled at our pharmacy located at our Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic. 

Veterinarian Care

Make an appointment at our hospital today so that your animal can get treated and back to health again. You can visit us at Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic, 1264 Milligan Hwy., Johnson City, TN 37601. You can also reach us by phone at (423) 926-6091. We are honored to serve patients in both Johnson City and Elizabethton.

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